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a Jazz Holiday

C’est un orchestre féminin, ça n’est pas commun, qui nous donne ce très bon disque enregistré en novembre 2017… Fumet du jazz des premiers temps, cornet souvent prenant, arrangements de bonne facture, trios vocaux agréables, le tout swinguant gentiment, avec souplesse, de l’allant… ; présenté dans une prise de son naturelle, respectant les timbres et l’atmosphère générale…

en concert

After two CDs in studio Certains L’Aiment Chaud chosed to record this third disc in concert. A testimony to the enthusiasm, sincerity and pleasure of playing of the musicians, served by a high-quality recording, it is a true reflection of the eclectic repertoire and the original style of the orchestra.

April in Paris

There are many compositions from the beginnings of jazz that draw their inspiration from dreams of the east, distant folklore, exotic rhythms or even nostalgic and sentimental journeys. Certains L’Aiment Chaud colors this recording with a traveler and daring spirit while keeping its unique style.

J’ai deux amours

Certains L’Aiment Chaud tackles the great successes of the 1920s with magnificent audacity, including a frenzied version of Jelly Roll Morton’s Milenberg Joys, J’ai Deux Amours in tribute to Josephine Baker or I Wanna Be Loved By You, a nod to the famous film from which the orchestra took its name… Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by an eloquent flow of beautiful and good humor!